entertaining offers for the SV650S…

I seriously hate to do this, but I need to thin out the project herd, and sadly the SV is lower on my list than getting a project car right now. The SV is listed on craigslist right now for $3800, I do not want to ship, if you get someone to come pack it […]

sv on it’s own two wheels, neglected to post…

so i guess i forgot to throw these up on the blog, but here is the sv sitting on it’s new ’04 GSXR600 rear wheel, as the one with the polished lip supposedly got lost in the mail, or so said the dude who sold it to me, lonnnggg story… cough, asshole, cough…. -peter

sv’s got a new swingarm… and some tokicos…

oh, and also an ’08 gsxr600 kickstand, lots of work let to do, like align the sprocket, get a better rear wheel, etc, but at least it’s starting to take some seriously sexy shape!!! 😀 -peter

sv all tanked up…

just a shot from tonight in the garage, threw the tank back on, as it’s been sitting on the floor of the garage because i had it off to make the cam swap easier. -peter

sv swingarm update!!! zoran is awesome!!!

so zoran at twin works factory west sent me these shots to update me on the progress of the gsr600 swingarm. this is before he did anything to it!!! how kick ass does that look!!! it’s wider than the frame is, haha he now has the go ahead from me to continue on and start […]

sv update, yay for 1000rr tokico monoblocks!!!

the sv has gained some new brake calipers for the front end, a set of 2008 tokico monoblock’s off of the newer cbr1000rr and man, do they look good, need to figure out spacer size, looks like, as zoran told me, 10mm spacers will be required. more when there is more, but all hope for […]

svphoenix final cam update, it’s done!!!

finished up the cam swap today, swapping in first generation sv650 intake cams into the exhaust side of my second generation sv650, it adds a couple bhp and smooths out the powerband; another zoran masterpiece of engineering. later, -peter

sv phoenix update, cams, cams… cams!!!

so adding an old smart-tre and cam swap to the old sv650’s agenda of things to do; make my life even busier, check! 😉 basically the trick here is, also the reason you only see two cams here (there are four in the sv, two intake, two exhaust, one of each crowning either head), and […]

sv phoenix on crack update, swingarms here!!!

so the gsr600 swingarm arrived today from over the pond in the uk, sending it off to zoran at twin works factory west on friday or saturday!!! measurements are looking awesome, cross your fingers and knock on wood! haha later, assisting work tomorrow, 🙂 -peter