sv phoenix update, cams, cams… cams!!!

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so adding an old smart-tre and cam swap to the old sv650’s agenda of things to do; make my life even busier, check! 😉

basically the trick here is, also the reason you only see two cams here (there are four in the sv, two intake, two exhaust, one of each crowning either head), and that the labeling on the bags say that they are for a 2001 sv650 is this:

  1. you take the intake cams from a first gen sv650 and put them on the exhaust side of the second gen
  2. they smooth out the power band
  3. add a pony or two throughout, and for the sv that’s good!
  4. were talking 55 bucks here folks – exhaust is hundreds and it will add 3-5 bhp at most
  5. easy enough swap

the tre basically eliminates a retard that the sv’s computer puts in place when you are in first through third gear.

so that’s it, another thing to do, 😀

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