entertaining offers for the SV650S…

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I seriously hate to do this, but I need to thin out the project herd, and sadly the SV is lower on my list than getting a project car right now.

The SV is listed on craigslist right now for $3800, I do not want to ship, if you get someone to come pack it and get it ready to ship then it’s all yours. Or just come by with a box van or truck.


Any questions ask, I’ll try to be better about responding to emails from the site, being self employed again has killed my free time though.

If you want to trade I’m looking for the following:
Datsun 240Z, 260Z or 280Z, rust free, I will help with additional cost within reason
2016+ Camaro SS TR6060 6 speed transmission
Sony Alpha A99II ILCA-99M2 Camera Body

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