a wheelset for the Klein Quantum Race…

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well, after a long wait, i finally received the DT Swiss RR440 24h front rim and the Asymmetric 32h rear, which of course i had to immediately build 😉

the front is laced up with; Sapim Laser spokes (2.0-1.5-2.0 butted), DT Swiss brass spoke head washers, DT Swiss alloy nipples (two red nipples around the valve hole), and Velofuze nipple washers. the wheels 24 spokes are laced in a standard 2x pattern.

the rear is laced up similarly; Sapim Laser spokes on the non-dive side, Race spokes on the drive side (2.0-1.8-2.0 butted), DT Swiss brass spoke washers, DT Swiss alloy nipples on the non-drive and brass on the drive (with the two red nipples as well), and the same Velofuze nipple washers up top. the rear wheel has a non-standard “Hybrid 32h Crows foot lacing” on the drive side and a standard 2x on the non-drive. the Soul Kozak hub sounds awesome! i can’t wait to hear it with a cassette and tire/tube on the rim.

so just some quick pics in-between the spurts of rain/sun we’re getting today, a typical Washington state spring day 😉

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