finally a new camera this year, Sony A7R…

| || finally a new camera this year, Sony A7R...

so i’ve decided that i’ve stepped a bit too far away from photography in the last few years and that this year i’m going to fix that.

how better to fix not taking photo’s? why, buy a new camera of course! 😉

after carefully pondering the different types of photography that i enjoy most, i felt a severe lacking of something simple, manual, and as close to shooting with a film rangefinder as possible (without dropping a massive sum on a the new Leica). thankfully Sony came out with a camera that seemed to fit the bill to to a T, the new Sony A7R. this 36.4mp monster is packed into something more closely resembling a pocket camera rather than a professional level “DSLR” type camera (i have a very hard time calling anything with a digital viewfinder an SLR). though the best thing for me about this camera, is the ability to fit my collection of Leica M-mount glass on it, which i have plenty thats been just collecting dust.

so i bit the bullet and started collecting up the necessary parts as i saved up for the actual body itself. but this is me, and of course i went a little overboard 😉

i still need a Novoflex Nikon to NEX adapter so I can my Nikon glass, especially my 85/1.4, and i wouldn’t mind a couple more batteries either.

for now i decided on just going cheap on the AF glass and getting some vintage Minolta Maxxum lenses (70-210/4, 100-200/4.5, 50/1.7, and a 35-70/4). eventually i’ll just shell out the big bucks on some Sony Zeiss A-mount glass, but this will work for now 🙂

well that’s it until i actually get the body, next paycheck here we come!

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