Bianchi Volpe racked out…

bwa, nice racks! 😉 sorry… anyhow! got the JANDD Extreme and Expedition racks on the Bianchi Volpe, as well as some new Shimano M530 SPD pedals, looking slick! Ortleibs for the rear come later in the week. -peter

addiction… 80’s Bianchi Volpe…

so… yeah… got another bike, haha. this time it’s a lugged late 80’s Bianchi Volpe CX/Touring bike that will be turned into my full-out tourer. as far a kit, this is what i’m thinking… (components back to front) SRAM Rival Medium rear derailleur Shimano 105 Black 5703 Triple front Derailleur crankset is undetermined yet, preferably a […]

the Univega’s new path…

so after a lot of thought on the Univega it was decided that i simply had to do something with the frameset, as i got it for far too cheap just to sell it. but what to do with it? well… since the original plan was to build a bike that could do more than […]

sv phoenix update, cams, cams… cams!!!

so adding an old smart-tre and cam swap to the old sv650’s agenda of things to do; make my life even busier, check! 😉 basically the trick here is, also the reason you only see two cams here (there are four in the sv, two intake, two exhaust, one of each crowning either head), and […]

bored with the hose, ;)

haha, watering can get boring… and that’s a very small patch of grass that my lawn actually has around out lime tree, you have to water the lime tree, 😉 -peter