finally! a Trek 750 Multitrack update…

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so finally! haha, well, it’s still being built, i promise! 😉

so what’s new? probably a lot, the Farfarer Touring front mini rack hasn’t been installed on a photo up on the blog so far, the crankset, the lack of a front derailleur (see crankset haha). the brakes are back on, i had removed them as was going to run Paul MiniMoto’s but right now that’s out of my budget. so i swapped out those wonderful SRAM levers for these nice, but not as nice Tektro RL520’s.

so, that’s the bike as it sits now, a bit of what’s planned is: new tires (going with some Resist Nomad Tire’s with the tan sidewall and 700x45c, it’ll be snug, but it should fit), i have a Shimano XT M781 silver/black front direct mount derailleur waiting a Problem Solvers 28.6 direct mount adapter, fenders on the far, far horizon.

that’s it for now 🙂

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