Pacenti Pari-Moto’s for the Spooky Darkside XC…

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just a quick update on the Spooky. yesterday i got all the parts that were needed to finish up the wheelset, though i didn’t actually get the mail until today 😉

what was needed was the 20mm-QR front hub adapters and skewers, i had received the Pacenti Pari-Moto 38x650b tires and some Kenda tubes earlier last week. so i sat down today with my Park TS-2.2 truing stand, my tensiometer (Park spoke tension meter TM-1), plus my trusty spoke wrench and trued the front wheel all up.

that’s about it, still have to figure out the front gearing and how to completely accomplish the desired drivetrain. but either way, the Spooky is much, much closer to being done!

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