racks for the Trek 750 Multitrack…

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this time around with the touring build i decided to go the Tubus route, with a Logo for the rear and Duo for the front (both imported from the UK in Silver).

the logo in the rear is going to a bit to get used to, as it has a MUCH smaller top platform than the Jandd Expedition that i had on the Bianchi Volpe, but thankfully it still has a kick ass load capacity, 88 lbs compared to the Expedition’s 75 (damn admirable for a aluminum rack). the Logo also ends up being lighter than the Expedition by 12.6 ounces, the Logo weighing in at 23.4 ounces and the Expedition a heftier 46 ounces.

the Duo front rack is much different than my the Jandd Extreme that i had on the Volpe, as it’s purely a lowrider pannier mount. load capacity differences are in the opposite direction compared to the two rear racks, the Tubus Duo being able to carry 33 lbs, and the Jandd Extreme being able to carry 40 lbs. weight doesn’t really come into play as they are such different racks, but if you must know the Tubus Duo is 17.5 ounces, and the Extreme is 37 ounces.

to solve some of what the front rack is lacking (a platform) i will be also purchasing a small “Sandwich Rack” from a small rack builder out of Santa Cruz, CA, called Farfarer. he built the prototype of this rack out of Stainless Steel but is now going to be building them out of 4130 steel and powder coating them either a black or silver (silver for me this time around). i can’t wait to get one out of the first batch he will be producing. price wise they will be comparable, and could be basically compared dimensionally to a Nitto M12 front rack.

you can also see the handlebar is on there, i purchased a Soma long quill adapter and had to cut the sucker way down, right now the bolt is mickey-moused together to work, but i will be purchasing a Nitto Expander Bolt to fix my woes.

well thats it for now, not as nice a day to take pictures, but i didn’t want to wait any longer haha

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