mixte became a Kogswell P/R…

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sooo, that whole Soma Buena Vista mixte thing? um… yeah… just kinda shifted 😉 it became a much cooler Kogswell P/R (Porteur/Randonneur), thankfully all of the parts (excluding brakes) were a straight swap.

right now it’s kitted out as such (front to back): Minoura King Carrier Front Basket/Rack Large, 2x Schmidt E6 dynamo headlights, Velo Orange Zeppelin 52mm 650b fenders, 1 1/8 Chris King headset, Nitto Albatross bar, Thomson 27.2 silver seatpost, Brooks Flyer S, Shimano Dura Ace 167.5 cranks, Salsa 44T Crossing Guard, Surly 42T Stainless chainring, Pletscher ESGE double kickstand.

pretty much anything else (aka stem, spacers, bottom bracket) are temporary.

can’t wait to get wheels on it, should be fun with an Alfine 8 in the back 🙂

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