planning out the pre-war Schwinn…

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as you all may know i have a ’38 Schwinn straight bar that i am starting to modify and make into my town bike. so far the conversion has been very slow going, as i always seem to have another project that manages to creep in front of the poor old Schwinn.

but now as i can see the end of Bianchi Volpe rapidly approaching my brain has started to wander back to of the Schwinn.

basically the break down of the build is this:



  • modifications to the steerer for 1 1/8″ headset
  • Masi Speciale 1 1/8″ fork
  • new 1 1/8″ (28.6 mm) seattube for 27.2 seatpost
  • lots of fillet brazing
  • Paul Components dropouts

components (front to back)

and that’s about it…

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