the Klein Quantum Race, finally all buttoned up…

so basically I’ve been sitting on the Klein for some time now, being too lazy (or too busy with life and other projects) to get the steerer cut.

all that’s really changed is the stem (now an EC90 carbon), stack height (a bit shorter) and the cut steerer.

took it on it’s first ride of the year today, as fun as I remember!

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  1. Adam Van Dyke

    So nice, and the Thomson seat collar is a nice touch as well. I have been riding mine(same color and year as yours- but a 58CM frame) for several years, now and have put in some upgrades along the way as well, though I still have the stock fork, about low 18# for mine, not super light but fast and gets noticed. The black Fizik tape looks nice, I’ve liked the carbon look silver Deda tape goes well with the silver/white paint.

    • peterlombardi

      Thanks Adam! 😀 Love this color scheme and what a fun bike to ride! It was shocking to feel how responsive and not nearly as “viby” as aluminum had always been described (the only other alloy bikes I’d ridden before were mountain bikes and you’re not exactly sensing out the minutia on those 😉 )

      Ooo, that Deda tape would look nice! I wanted something like leather tape but was too cheap to buy it when I was building it up haha

      Took a look through your profile, you have some great rides yourself, and look like you enjoy some nice trails. Thanks for the comment and Keep enjoying man.

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