the Volpe all fender’ed up…

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just some snaps of the Bianchi Volpe with some Velo Orange (VO) 45mm Stainless fenders, finally starting to look like a tourer 😉

i have to say how enthused i am by the VO fenders, i’ve purchased them before and they’ve never ceased to impress me. the kit that comes with them has pretty much everything you’ll need to install the fenders, there’ll always be exceptions 😉

the only issues i ran into were with the Paul booster on the front and with the kickstand in the rear. the booster created a space issue, there just wasn’t enough of it between the booster and the fender. i ended up having to dent the fender by the booster to get it up a bit higher in front, it’s still a bit closer to the tire than i’d like, but hell, it works. out back with the kickstand was another lack of space issue, i couldn’t get a bolt through the chainstay bridge as the bolt for the kickstand was basically butted up to it on the opposite side. the solution came in the form of a small L bracket i made out of some flat aluminum stock, filing and drilling it to fit. it worked like a charm.

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