got the ’92 Trek 750 Multitrack today…

so here are some quick pics of the Multitrack from today, couldn’t help myself so i put some parts on 😉

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  1. Ianlange11

    what kind of bottle cages are those?

  2. Atrueviking

    I’m new to this, but would that be a good bike for adventure touring? I found a 92′ trek 750 multitrack for $100. I’m not sure about it though.

    • peterlombardi

      very much so viking! these old treks are workhorses with plenty of braze on’s for fenders and racks, though up front it can get a bit snug. plus they’re 700c so nice rolling speed and plenty of tire choices. 
      also they’re great for people like me with shorter legs and longer torso’s than “normal”.

      think of them as old cyclocross bikes, but sexier, lugged, and made in the USA w/ good steel! 

      it’s hard to beat an old Trek in my opinion, it’s too bad they’ve fallen so far, some of there more recent bikes are even made in China, sad. 

      price out a Gunnar Grand Tour if you’re looking at something to compare it too, or better yet a Waterford since it’s lugged. all three, including the Trek, were made in WI. 

      that also seems like a hell of a price! i bought mine for over double that. the 750 is going to be my touring bike.

      best of luck to you, let me know how it goes 🙂

  3. James Acklin

    I’ve been admiring this bike for a few days now. What size is this frame, and what size bikes do you normally ride? I’m concerned about the ETT length, but with a tall dirt-drop stem, it looks like the HT angle is slack enough to bring mustache bars in enough to be comfortable.

  4. Geneviève Genquinne

    I have one of these Multitracks which I purchased new in 1989–it’s a model year 1990, not 1992! Gorgeous restoration, my poor bike and I are seething with envy. I’ll be doing a rebuild of some kind this winter on mine…

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