another new bike, 2010 Spooky Darkside XC…

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so here goes, i have to cross a bridge to get to one of my jobs, this bridge is tolled, excessively. so i decided, why aren’t i riding my bike across the bridge? but which bike? the Gunnar’s paint is “sensitive”, the 750 is too clean to abuse every day like that, the 950 just isn’t setup right, so i was “forced” 😉 to get another bike. thankfully my girlfriend told me to! haha

so far it’s about a 2010 Spooky Darkside XC, in the XL size, which is a bit big for me, but I’ve made it work! the drivetrain is going to be a mix of SRAM X0 and Red black with a set of “Aero” (bar-end) shifters.

all the typical suspects are in the lineup as well, Chris King, Thomson, Easton, Brooks, a Salsa bar, and best of all a brand new DT Swiss XRR470 full carbon fork!

more as i get there, that’s it for now,

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