Klein Quantum Race…

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so, what’s the old adage? two in the shed isn’t worth one on the road? 😉 yeah, well… i’ve got another in the shed haha

the latest bike to grace my over encumbered bike racks is an early 2000’s (2000 i think due to the paint, Silver Cloud) Klein Quantum Race. The bike is a 57cm but measures out more like a 55cm, with a 55CTC seattube and a 56CTC top tube. i found the Mango Chris King headset locally as well, i couldn’t pass it up! 😀

the seatpost and clamp will be changing, i have a 31.6 setback sourced locally and i want to get a 36.4 salsa seatclamp anodized to match the king, the Brooks Swallow is the one seen gracing the Gunnar Sport and will be swapped over to the Klein, the Pro will be going back on the Gunnar.

more to come 😉

P.S. forgot to not that this is my first Aluminum road bike, no i am not being converted to the dark side, just merely enjoying a bike that feels like a toy! haha

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