finally! a Trek 750 Multitrack update…

so finally! haha, well, it’s still being built, i promise! ๐Ÿ˜‰

so what’s new? probably a lot, the Farfarer Touring front mini rack hasn’t been installed on a photo up on the blog so far, the crankset, the lack of a front derailleur (see crankset haha). the brakes are back on, i had removed them as was going to run Paul MiniMoto’s but right now that’s out of my budget. so i swapped out those wonderful SRAM levers for these nice, but not as nice Tektro RL520’s.

so, that’s the bike as it sits now, a bit of what’s planned is: new tires (going with some Resist Nomad Tire’s with the tan sidewall and 700x45c, it’ll be snug, but it should fit), i have a Shimano XT M781 silver/black front direct mount derailleur waiting a Problem Solvers 28.6 direct mount adapter, fenders on the far, far horizon.

that’s it for now ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Jeffrey Marco

    Nice build, I’m going to look at a 790 Multitrack tonight. What fork are you using?

    • peterlombardi

      Oh awesome, what year? It’s honestly a hard bike to beat, hopefully you’ll enjoy it.

      The fork on my bike is the stock Trek fork, which is somewhat odd and I kind of wish that I’d gone with a Surly Cross Check fork, for more room above the tire, this one is kind of snug.

      • Michael O'

        My ’06 Trek 520 forks have just the braze-on on the outside. Did you modify your fork to accept those Tubus front racks that I think bolt on both sides? I like the looks of those.

        • peterlombardi

          Hey Michael, sorry about the late reply, this is a stock 1992 750 fork, and it did come with dual front fork mounts. The braze on mount is actually more of a hollow tube through the fork.

          The rack is extremely sturdy, but so is their standard single bolt rack, the Tara, with the crossover brace at the front. If you don’t have the mid-fork eyelets, they also make one called the Smarti that mounts to the fork crown boss, .

          Hope that helps! ๐Ÿ™‚

          • jradan

            Peter, Just picked up the exact same bike and would love to build something similar to what you have done! I have zero experience! Would you mind sending me some info on your parts list. and any pointers on how you went about it! Thanks

          • peterlombardi

            Shoot me an email jradan! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll try to get back to it, though it might take me a bit haha

  2. Jeffrey Marco

    Did you make the seat post qr out of a skewer?

  3. Justin Janczakowski

    What did you use to extend the steerer tube so much? You said it’s the stock fork, so I’m assuming you used a quill stem adapter, but where did you get one so tall/what are those spacer-looking things?

    • peterlombardi

      Hey Justin, I actually modified a Soma High Rider Stem Adapter Quill, , I hacked off inches from the thing! haha

      To get the spacers on there, just one inch Vuelta Spacers (my favorite kind), I just wrapped foil tape (aluminum ducting tape) around quill adapter until it was thick enough to get the spacers to fit snuggly and without wiggle.

      A dirt drop quill stem would work just as well.

      • Justin Janczakowski

        Awesome, thanks for the answer! One more question, what is that silver piece with the plus sign on it over the rear derailleur, attached to the skewer? It looks awesome and like it would probably protect the hanger pretty well.

        Edit: Some googling led me to find that is a hanger banger, any info on where to find one?

        • peterlombardi

          Haha, yeah, sorry about being slow on that, it is the North Shore Hanger Banger, you can order them from Jenson for about $23 bucks (without including shipping), sometimes they pop up on ebay as well.

          Supposedly they stiffen up the rear derailleur as well for better shifting, no idea if that’s true though, only issue I have with them is removing the rear wheel, it becomes a real hassle with them on, or at least not as easy as a quick release. ๐Ÿ˜‰

          I just wish they came in black! haha

  4. swoops

    Looks great! Did this origiginally have the Dia Compe canti’s? Any issues upgrading the brakes, or mofications to the bosses?

    • peterlombardi

      Hey Swoops, sorry, somehow I forgot to respond to this, yes it did originally come with canti’s, the Avid Ultimate V-brakes went on without a hitch.

      The only issue I ran into was with the mini front rack, the crown to brake boss is rather short, three something inches, not the normal four and a quarter or so. So I had to get the custom rack made up by Farfarer ( ) , which turned out awesome! About the same price as a Nitto but made buy a cool guy down in California, beautifully made too.

  5. nick

    Greetings from Greece,very elegant and cool bike!I just bought a 750 multitrack 1994 model and i have a question for you,which is the biggest tyre that i can fit without fenders?Now it has 700 38c but i want to ride it in rough roads…Thank you for your time!

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