Jack Brown Greens for the Gunnar…

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i’ve been thinking long and hard about swapping out tires on the Gunnar Sport, it had a set of 23mm tires on the 19mm rims it’s sitting on, that sounds reasonable right? for a race bike haha, and as the Gunnar Sport is intended as a sport tourer (and I now have the Klein) I decided that I needed fatter tires. the Paul Racer M’s were screaming for them anyhow, they looks absurdly wide for those skinny 23’s, like a talk gangly kid straddling a BMX that’s two sizes two small for them.

anyhow, i finally decided on the 33.3333…(etc) Jack Brown Green labeled tires made by Panaracer and sold by Rivendell. they seemed like a great compromise between speed and comfort. i had also been thinking about going the Grand Bois Cyprès, but decided on the Riv’s only because of the worry about flats on our sometimes rough roads out here in the rural Pacific NW.

the Brooks Swallow that was on the Gunnar in the last set of photo’s got replaced with the original Pro that i had on it, it just fits the bike better and the Klein racier saddle anyhow 😉 you may also notice that i swapped the black king for the mango that was originally intended for the Klein, it just didn’t mesh with the red on the EC90 fork, but it looks great on the Gunnar. after swapping headsets it needed some more mango, so i went ahead and got a set of Salsa skewers in Orange to match and bring down more of the color into the bike.

i haven’t had a chance to go riding, the light in the pictures today is deceiving. it’s been heavy winds and rain all day with these tempting intermittent gorgeous blue skies.

can’t wait to ride it 🙂

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