Klein Quantum Race pretty much there…

so the Klein Quantum Race only has a very few things left to do to it, namely, a seatpost clamp haha.

the cables are all run, the housing all cut, the derailleurs all tuned, the wheels all tired (does that one really work? almost an i flew here joke in there 😉 ), the saddle all comfy, the bars all straight, so on and so forth. basically it’s a rideable, sexy as hell bike!

i finally got myself a deal on a Fizik Kurve saddle, i was hoping for the Chameleon model, but ended up with the Snake, which actually seems quite comfy! so far i only have the hard nose piece, but we’ll see how motivated i am to get the soft after i get a ride or two on the saddle (can’t be much worse than most of my Brooks are initially!). i also decided to go with the racier less cushy Fizik bar tape, i really like the slick feel to it, though somehow it’s still plenty grippy.

can’t wait to get out and put some miles on it, so far it’s only been a ride around the gravel and grassy yard.

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  1. Sung

    Beautiful. I have the same bike. I’ve been lurking for weeks to see how this turned out. The Klein QR never looked so good! Great work!

    • peterlombardi

      Thanks Sung 🙂 Glad it lived up to your expectations! I had a lot of fun building it, still tweaking it a little bit, I’ll post some more updated pics after I finish. Focusing on the Spooky’s wheelset at the moment 😉

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