Scapin Road Bike…

(better pics sometime after the rain lets up haha)

I haven’t written much about this bike yet, I’m not sure why that is, maybe it’s because I’m uncertain about a number of facts. Namely the year it was built and the model designation.

Scapin is a small Italian firm that still hand builds gorgeous bikes, actually in Italy! Novel I know 😉

Anyhow, right now as it sits: it’s a 51cm frame, de-badged Fulcrum Racing 7 wheels with a campy freehub body, Thomson Masterpiece 27.2 Seatpost, Thomson X2 90mm Stem, a vintage Chris King “no-name” NoThreadSetâ„¢ Rasta headset, Columbus Tusk 1 1/8″ Fork, 40cm FSA Wing Pro Compact Handlebars, Vintage Salsa Rasta skewers and seat binder, and a yellow Selle SMP TRK Ladies saddle. Also, the headset spacers are nowhere near finalized, these are my rough draft spacers.

Much more to come,

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  1. Dick Caley

    I purchased what looks like a mid 80s Scapin and I am in the process of rebuilding it. Nice workmanship. I tried emailing the factory asking for some information that would help me identify the year. Received a one line response, “Sorry, We cannot help you”. I suspect I am going to have to learn some Italian if I am going to learn more about the bike.

    • peterlombardi

      those 80’s Scapin’s are something else! very nice bulid quality indeed 🙂

      hahaha, that sounds about right, they seem to be a pretty small company, i do know they have a facebook page in english, you might be able to get some help through there?

      I’d love to see some pics of the bike all built up, feel free to post some or send some my way via email 🙂

  2. Ricky C

    I wish I could see Dick Caley’s 80s Scapin…I purchased an old bike that had a paint job, and the only bike frame that looks remotely similar is the scapin. I am trying to find more similar bikes. Honestly, this frame I picked up looks like Peter’s but with downtube shifter mounts. What are your serial numbers on the bikes?

    • peterlombardi

      Hmmm, I’ll get you the VIN later today Ricky, they’re cool bikes, I really need to finish it one of these days.

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