yet another Trek, ’93 930 SHX…

so yeah… i got myself ANOTHER Trek, this time a ’93 SingleTrack 930 SHX, it’s basically identical to my ’92 950, but with a different sized seat-post and a suspension fork with a threadless headset.

the original Trek Shock Wave fork has been replaced with a newer(ish) Marzocchi Bomber fork, and i’ve pretty much stripped it all down to build back up w/ better components.

so far it has a new (to me) Thomson 27.2 x 330mm Elite seat-post and i’m picking up a used black Chris King headset tomorrow.

why did i get another Trek you ask? because the whole bike was $160 bucks on Craigslist, and how could you not love a purple, sorry, Electric Plum bike?! 😉 this one will be my off-road-tourer

on a side note, the Gunnar is running great, even if i did twist my ankle rather badly and haven’t really been able to ride this summer at all 🙁 the Trek 950 is coming along, only needs grips to be finished, and the Trek 750 touring bike needs more than one thing but would be finished if i hadn’t bought this new bike haha

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  1. Nick Manta

    Hey, I picked up one of these myself sans fork. I am wondering if you know the axle to crown measurement of the original suspension fork.

    • peterlombardi

      Congrats on the new bike man! Hmm, I’m not sure of the original axle to crown, I can tell you that the stock steel fork on my 950 is about 385mm. Hope that helps some, I’ll do some more digging and see if I can’t come up with something.

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