an updated Gunnar Sport…

so i felt that the Gunnar Sport was falling a bit behind on component quality so i decided to boost it’s confidence a little 😉

new on the bike are the Paul Components Racer M brakes, the Paul Funky Monkey hangers (1″ up front and 30mm in rear). i also decided to swap saddles with the Trek 950, putting the Brooks Swallow on the Gunnar and the Professional on the 950. much more fitting if you ask me. i also felt a little tight in the cockpit last season so i swapped Thomson stems for a 120×10° instead of the 110×17° that i had on there previously.

hope you enjoy, i know i have been! what a spring! 😀

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  1. Jim G.

    I really  like what you have done to your Sport.  I just purchased a new Gunnar Sport from Waterford and have a question about the brakes.   I am using the same fork and wonder if you have any issues with the Paul brakes.   I was told they may be too wide?    Sure look good on your bike.   My idea is to build the bike with as many Made In America items as I can. 

    • peterlombardi

      no issues with the Pauls here man, they stop awesome! 

      just make sure you install the thick concave washers closest to the pads, replacing the small concave washer. 

      i love American made stuff as well, plus it’s hard to get better than Paul Components 🙂

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