got myself a ’92 Trek 750 Multitrack…

(not my pictures, they were provided for the sale, frameset should be shipping tomorrow)

so i finally found the Multitrack that i wanted, a very pristine, at least by description and pictures (never can be absolutely certain until you see it in real life, but the guy seems legitimate, so i’m honestly not too concerned, just naturally predisposed to distrust 😉 )

lots of fun goodies for this one, since i had most of it for the Bianchi Volpe! haha but upgrading (or is it downgrading?) to a 9 speed XTR setup, but still using my Truvativ triple crankset, no reason to change that.

first change that will happen to the trek is installing the King headset, then bottom bracket, crankset, front derailleur, brakes, etc, it should go together pretty quickly. I’m going to go the same route I did on the 950 and just get the XTR cable/housing kits off of eBay, too cheap, and I already have a derailleur set sitting in the garage.

well, i’d rant forever, so signing off,

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  1. Slalomnorth

    Looks Good! 

  2. how much did you pay for the bike?

    • peterlombardi

      Hey Max, I over spent a little, about 190 for the frameset w/o shipping, but it was in such good condition and I’m a sucker for green 😉

      Anything else I can help with? Are you selling one?

  3. Devin

    Hey Peter, I’m pretty sure by the listing pics sent to you by previous owner, that your frame was my frame! It was a great bike and would still be in my stable if a couple sizes larger. I sold it to him and thought he and you have done a great job building it up into a class machine. Good luck and I’m glad it’s found a good home! Peace.


    • peterlombardi

      Haha! That’s awesome Devin! Sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to you. Glad you think so! 🙂 Have any pics of it built up back when you owned it? Lucky for me it was just my size!

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