dueling treks, an update on both…

got a few more parts in the mail as well as installing fenders on the 750, more pictures of that in the next week or so, as well as some changes from the Bianchi’s kit.

the 950 however is all ready to ride, minus a bottle cage, Chain Keeper, rim tape, tubes, tires, and grips. hopefully it’ll be fully functional in the next few weeks 🙂

i’m in bike overload heaven, what with these two Trek’s and the Mixte kit coming together nicely, it’s pretty awesome! haha

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  1. Slalomnorth

    Wow. Jealous. 

    • peterlombardi

      haha, yeaaaahhhh… sorry about that man 😉 any favorite parts or gripes? how do you like the “new” 750? 

      the 950 is going to get some black leather grips from Walnut Studio’s as well, should look pretty slick.

      trying to decide on where i should mount the headlight, think I’m going to end up going with one of these B+M mounts for my newer gen Schmidt E6 …

  2. peterlombardi

    just ended up getting this for the 950 off ebay (image via listing), an e13 XCX chainguide, new w/o packaging for a lot less than new! haha. was going to go the Paul Chain Keeper route, but i like the idea of the polymer guide instead of the aluminum on the Paul, should be quieter.

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