Trek 950 update…

parts are starting to add up, finally it’s staring to resemble a bike!

waiting on an XT M770 11-34 cassette, an XTR M791 GS rear derailleur, the Chris King 1 1/8 2Nut Conversion, and the Thomson 110mm x 10? X4 stem.

next on the list, building the wheelset… mmm, sexy 650b’s….

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  1. Slalomnorth

    I have a 1992 Trek 970 and was going to get a new seat collar for it. Is 35.0 the correct size? 

    • Anonymous

      hahaha, sadly no, but neither is 32mm, the external diameter of the tubing comes out closer to 33mm, so i settled on a 35 and just layered up strips of aluminum ducting tape on the inside of the clamp until it fit right. 

  2. Joopiii

    Is that a un-used 950 frame, or a re-painted one? As for the decals, did you buy some new ones? (If so, where?)My 1993 930 frame is too small for me as a MTB (I use a well fitting rigid 1996 970 for that), but it would still serve as a more upright grocery bike with “albatros” handle bars. Was thinking about repainting it in 2 tones. Would need the “original” 1993 930 decals.
    Also, what brand bottom bracket is that and where did you purchase it? (are there still any square tapered 73mm XT bb’s around where you live?)
    Sorry for so many questions but I’ve got the steel trek 9XX virus too.
    Could you please help me out?
    Thanks and best regards!Wouter.tas_wouter at hotmail dot com

    • peterlombardi

      cool bikes! 🙂 sorry, no XT BB’s that I know of, I’ll keep my eyes open on craigslist though. 

      it was an un-used bike, NOS, it may have been built up into a show room floor bike, but never ridden. a collector purchased the frameset and held onto it until i got my hands on it 😉

      hmm, not sure about the original decals, as I’ve never heard of someone makeing them, Trek is supposed to have good customer service though and might be able to point you in the direction of a set. it never hurts at least. 

      good luck man! keep me updated about how it goes and what you find out, all the best

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