Brooks Swallow for the Trek 950…

well i finally broke down and bought the saddle i’ve always lusted after, a slick Black Brooks Swallow, and it looks damn fine on the Trek 950 Singletrack if i do say so myself 😉

other parts are starting to trickle in, with the snow pounding us this week the delivery’s have been sketchy at best, hope to have another post next week with more goodies.

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  1. Slalomnorth

    This thing is beyond badass, well done. Can’t wait to see the finished project 

    • Anonymous

      thanks! 😀 i can’t wait to see it finished either 😉

      the mixte i’m parting together is going to be pretty slick as well, the part stash is getting pretty ridiculous. 

      i really want to get a wheelset built up for the trek though; rims, spokes and nipples are the next big purchase.

      • Slalomnorth

        That’ll be cool. I finished mine up tonight, I really don’t like the front derailleur and how you have to wrap it around that screw near the bottom bracket. What were your plans for chainring/front derailleur combo? 

        • Anonymous

          do you have a pic of the finished bike? i’d love to see it. 

          i’m sticking simple, 1×9, no front derailleur, just doing a 44t Renthal single speed sprocket and the 11-34 rear cassette, it’s destined to be a city bike, so i’m not too concerned about an abundance of options. 
          here’s a cruddy cell pic from tonight,

          • Slalomnorth

            Way nice, it’s cool to see someone who appreciates american bikes. Or any true bike for that matter, and knows how to rebuild them back up the right way! I’m going to take some pics  of mine here pretty soon, I’ll make sure to post them when I do. I think eventually I’ll do a 1 x 9 because it will look a lot cleaner, but for right now my college budget won’t allow it. 

          • Anonymous

            wow, thanks man, appreciate the kind words 🙂

            can’t wait to see what you did with yours!

          • Slalomnorth

            Yeah, i have to get out with my nice camera soon and take some good pics, it’s kind of snowy right now here in Fort Collins. But I won’t forget, and cant wait to see it finished up! 

          • Anonymous

            wheels and brakes by next week! 😀 check the latest post for the update.

            haha, yeah, i guess Fort Collins might have a weeee bit of snow.

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