the new ’92 Trek 950 Singletrack…

so here it is, the 1992 Trek 950 Singletrack that is my next project, a badass 650b city bike.

more info to come as i get the parts 😉

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  1. Emiliojvirgo

    Hi I own this bike and it’s all original how much do you think they are worth now ?

    • peterlombardi

      hey Emilio, hmm, that’s a hard question, I’ve seen whole 950’s sell anywhere from 100-180 bucks, it’s generally a good idea just to take a look on craigslist and see what similar bikes are selling for. i paid 150 for mine, shipped, but it is a hard example to follow as it was NOS and not a used bike. 

  2. Ultimateroots

    peter, where did you buy yours? i’ve been looking for just a frame of a 1992 trek 950, 19.5″ or rather 20.5″ frame..not having luck…

    • peterlombardi

      roots, i just got lucky man, it was an eBay find, but I do sometimes search craigslist in major metropolitan areas, and locally, plus I put out craigslist want ads.

      sorry i don’t have any magic beans 😉

  3. Drax8504

    I am not sure of the year, but I hit the jackpot when I found one of these at a goodwill for $25.

  4. boriss

    Hello, I have a `91 Singletrack 950, in purple, but I cant find a decent (and retro) seat post because I dont have the proper tool to mesure it. What diameter is your seat post?


    • peterlombardi

      hey there Boriss, sorry about the slow response, somehow i completely missed your comment.

      my 91 950 uses a 29.8mm seatpost, if you look on eBay sometimes you can find a Thomson, they work great, in my opinion, for any build, hard to beat the quality of them as well. but if that’s not your thing, Kalloy makes several nice posts in 29.8 as well.

      best of luck, let me know how your search goes 🙂

      • boriss

        Thank and sorry for the pause…
        Strange, but aparently my 91 Trek need a 26.6 seat post. I have a 26.6 Zeus seat post, from a SuperVitus980 road frame, and is working nicely.

        • peterlombardi

          so odd, Trek seems to have gone through a lot of different post sizes in the 80’s and 90’s, sorry about the confusion there.

          i bet that Zeus looks nice though 🙂 fluted kind?

          • boriss

            Not flutted, but aero!

          • peterlombardi

            oh nice! i bet that looks cool! 😀 shoot me a pic if you get the chance, i’d love to see

  5. Tattoo

    Hello, I still have my 1992 950 original from when I bought it new. Does anyone have a spec sheet on things like seat tube, headset, etc. sizing as I am looking to replace parts and bring it back to life? Cheers!

  6. Stephen Spissu

    huga buga

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