my Gunnar Sport…

mmmm, dirty...

so this is my Gunnar Sport, an all around beauty built by hand in Waterford, WI.

this season i’m running mostly Campagnolo Chorus 11spd stuff with the exceptions of a Super Record front derailleur and SRAM Red standard cranks. i’m in love with campy’s new shifters, the redesigned ergo’s are to die for!

everything else is my standard fare, Thomson seatpost and stem, Brooks saddle, Bontrager Tape, VO leather chain guard, etc.

the wheelset is pretty slick with a set of modular Torelli hubs in 36 spoke laced with double-butted spokes up to a set of Torelli Master rims, who needs all that aero mumbo jumbo, i’m not a racer and i’ll never will be. 😉 maybe just in my head haha.

anyhow, this is my go to bike, my daily, and the best bike i’ve ever owned,

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  1. Anonymous

    oh, and that little black tab that bolts to the frame and rear brake is because the Gunnar Sport is basically a light touring/multi use bike, so it’s traditionally intended for use with long reach brakes… which campy doesn’t make, so i had to whittle that little bracket out of aluminum to make up for the displacement of frame ;) 

    • Kalajani

      I almost thought you were selling it. It’s a nice bike, it looks even nicer because of the photography;)

      • Anonymous

        haha, no, not selling it, just never posted it so i figured why not, thanks for the compliments though 🙂

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