sv swingarm update!!! zoran is awesome!!!

so zoran at twin works factory west sent me these shots to update me on the progress of the gsr600 swingarm.

this is before he did anything to it!!! how kick ass does that look!!! it’s wider than the frame is, haha

he now has the go ahead from me to continue on and start racking up the dollar signs by my name, and he also has an ’04/5 gsxr 600/750 rear wheel complete with a 46 tooth 520 sprocket headed his way.

i friggin’ can’t wait for this to come together!!!

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  1. just found out the gsr600 swingarm is only 4 pounds heavier than the stock sv650 arm, hmmm… not to bad, i’ll make up for it with the lighter subframe and battery.

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